Project management

What is included:

  • Web development process management for different kinds of Internet projects: information websites, e-commerce, portals and so on (give tasks for programmers, designers and other technical specialists, control their work and so on);
  • Technical requirement (Specification) writing;
  • Testing the features and tasks, that are completed by programmers, designers;
  • Web design concept determination, working with designers (about visual style and so on). 

What you get:

  • Well-experienced Project manager for your projects, who works remotely.

! The final price depends on your project scale and your actual need of project management functions (in working hours).
We can always discuss, what you need, and find a better way to serve you.   

Price: 4 000 AED / month (20 working hours per month), or 250 AED / hour

Free consultation

Each project has its own characteristics and should be evaluated individually. Just email me.

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